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SAVAGES - Adore Life [12" LP] OLE1076-1

"Adore Life is many things, but the thing it feels most like is a celebration. On one level, it’s a celebration of the fact that guitar-driven rock music is probably here to stay. But it’s also a celebration of life at its strangest, messiest, and most vital. ‘I understand the urgency of life,’ Beth sings on ‘Adore’, and her words don’t just echo Morrissey. They assert that love, in all of its wildest forms, is something worth chasing and that dancing around the room or banging on an instrument until your fingers bleed can be the best, the only, the most important thing to do."

Tracklist :

A1 The Answer
A2 Evil
A3 Sad Person
A4 Adore
A5 Slowing Down The World
B1 I Need Something New
B2 When In Love
B3 Surrender
B4 T.I.W.Y.G
B5 Mechanics

Pressing Information

Black vinyl. Gatefold sleeve. LP includes an MP3 download coupon.