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PIG DESTROYER - Terrifyer [12" LP] RR6618

"Pig Destroyer's frighteningly compelling mix of metal, grind, thrash and punk rock seethes with an intensity that will unnerve the unprepared. Pig Destroyer's deranged, vicious attack envelops the listener in a cocoon of grisly nihilism. Terrifyer features 32 minutes of Pig Destroyer's finest music to date."

Tracklist :

A1 Intro
A2 Pretty In Casts
A3 Boy Constrictor
A4 Scarlet Hourglass
A5 Thumbsucker
A6 Gravedancer
A7 Lost Cause
Vocals [Deathgrowl & Co-lead Vocals] – Katherine Katz
A8 Sourheart
A9 Towering Flesh
Lead Guitar, Soloist – Matthew Mills
A10 Song Of Filth
A11 Verminess
A12 Torture Ballad
A13 Restraining Order Blues
B1 Carrion Fairy
B2 Downpour Girl
B3 Soft Assassin
B4 Dead Carnations
B5 Crippled Horses
B6 The Gentleman
B7 Crawl Of Time
Backing Vocals, Other [Wipeouts] – Richard (Grindfather) Johnson*
B8 Terrifyer
B9 Dress In Gasoline
B10 The Cutting Room
B11 Blurface
B12 Doomspell

Pressing Information

Black vinyl